Visit the Rugby Xplorer Learning Centre to complete the courses for roles that require accreditation


  • Teach our kids the skills and rules of the game of Rugby
  • Train 1 night a week and coach the team on game day
Rugby Xplorer Accreditation
  • Children U8 – U12
  • Youth U13 – U15
  • U16+ / Adult


  • Assist the coach in organising the team for training, game day, rugby events and social events
  • Manage communication between the club, team members and their families

Ground Marshal

Ground Marshals are responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating the setup of the ground (pads, corner posts, cones, ropes, table, chairs, etc)
  • Management of spectators
  • Management of red/yellow carded players, when not on the playing field

Rugby Xplorer Accreditation

Assistant Referee

Assistant Referee duties include:
  • Adjudicate goal kicks and balls going into touch, touch-in-goal and dead-ball
  • Indicate placement and team for lineout throw-ins
  • Detect and communicate incidents of foul play
  • Assist the referee in their duties, as directed by the referee
Rugby Xplorer Accrediation
  • Assistant Referee Kids Rugby (U8-U12) (1 hour)
  • Assistant Referee Level 1 Program (Junior and Senior Rugby) (3 hours)
  • Register with your club under the Role of Volunteer.
  • Cost $0
  • SJRU Assistant Referee Duties

Medical/First Aid Attendant

Clubs need to provide suitably qualified medical personnel for every match at their home ground
Rugby Xplorer Accreditation
  • First Aid Attendant Kids Rugby U6-U12 Program
  • First Aid Attendant Level 1 Program
  • Concussion & Serious Injury Management


The Club canteen is an integral part of rugby and an important source of fundraising:

  • Serve drinks and snacks behind the counter
  • Take payment
  • Cook a simple BBQ (sausages, bacon, onion, eggs)

Social Events

The Social Committee will be grateful for any help in the preparation and running of club social events.