Our Teams

Junior Rugby – Under 6’s to Under 18’s

Players in age groups from U6 all the way through to U18 play to modified laws.


  • Focus is on the player
  • Make the game safer
  • Increase participation and enjoyment



Develop the individual skills, fitness and team work of all players in accordance with their physical maturity and understanding of the game.

Which Age Group?

The Age Group for a player is determined by the age the player turns in that calendar year. So, if a player turns 11 between 1 January and 31 December (inclusive), then they shall be graded as Under 11 for that season.

Mini’s – Under 6’s to Under 9’s

Central Eastwood is recruiting for Mini’s Teams.

  • Under 6’s
  • Under 7’s
  • Under 8’s
  • Under 9’s

Juniors – Under 10’s to Under 16’s

  • Under 10’s
  • Under 11’s
  • Under 12’s
  • Under 13’s
  • Under 14’s
  • Under 15’s
  • Under 16’s

Opens - Under 17's to Under 18's

  • Opens (17 and 18 year olds)

Girls Rugby

  • Under 14’s

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Game StyleSmall-Sided Games7-a-side Tag7-a-side Tackle10-a-side Tackle12-a-side Tackle15-a-side Tackle
Skills FocusEvasion and Tag
Catch and Pass
Scoring Tries
Kick in General Play
Contested Scrum
Positional Awareness
Playing Area1/4 Field1/2 FieldFull Field Less 10m WidthFull Field
Playing Time2 x Small-Sided Games Then 2 x 10 Min Tag Games2 x 15 Mins2 x 15 Mins2 x 20 Mins2 x 20 Mins2 x 25 Mins